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Jan 11

Nipples and Ninny.

Breastfeeding babies is not nasty. It’s not gross. It’s not inappropriate. It’s not about choosing sides or pointing fingers. It’s about the natural, beautiful way some mothers feed their children.

From “Breastfeeding On Sesame Street: Children Should Learn About Nursing,” on

Jan 7

That Mommy Smell

And when my mom passed away, her scent seemed to fill every crevice of the home she and my Dad shared; it was on the blankets and in her closets and on her scarves and church hats and purses. Her jewelry, even.

Believe it or not, almost 10 years after she went on to fly with the angels, the box in which I keep her jewelry still smells like that lotion—like my mom. I try not to open it too much, for fear that her scent will wear off. But on special occasions—Mother’s Day, mommy’s birthday, the anniversary of her death, the rare occasions when she visits me in my dreams—I’ll open up that box and breathe in deep and remember my mommy’s Mommy Smell.

How amazing, then, to find out I have one of my own—a signature scent that reminds my daughter of me.

My embrace.

My love.

How delicious.

From, “That Mommy Smell,” on